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Personalised Name Necklaces

 Personalised Name Necklace Collection expertly Handcrafted in 925 Sterling Silver & 9kt Gold
Proudly Crafted in South Africa

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Personalised Name Necklaces online in South Africa, crafted by Silvery Jewellery. Capture special names with our Custom Name Chains which can be crafted in names and numbers. Silvery’s wide variety of personalised gifts for her such as our Flower Birth Month Necklaces and Custom Name Necklaces are handcrafted from 925 Sterling Silver and can be plated in 14kt Gold or Rose Gold Vermeil which is a complimentary service offered by Silvery.
Silvery provides uniquely handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver personalised jewellery online. At Silvery we proudly craft our own range of personalised necklaces including our Old English Name Necklaces. We are also able to design and create one-of-a-kind Custom Name Necklace according to your unique design.
Name necklaces have been worn for many decades, but they are still regarded to be trendy, personalised jewellery. They offer an artistically lavish gift that is suitable for every occasion. Whether you are looking for an affordable handcrafted piece or an exceptional piece of jewellery, you can rest assured that when it comes to elegance, nothing surpasses the popularity of name necklaces. From the runway to the fashion capitals of the world, you will see a significant number of people from all walks of life wearing name necklaces to create a distinctive style. Without a doubt, a name necklace will outshine all other accessories, and the wearer will be wowed by its originality and durability for a long time, placing Name Necklaces at the top of the list for gifts for loved ones.