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Personalised Charms

Expertly Handcrafted Personalised Charms in 925 Sterling Silver & 9kt Gold
Proudly Crafted in South Africa

Begin your MemoryKeeper™ Collection with Silvery by encapsulating your treasured memories from life’s journey in one of our handcrafted mementoes. Personalise your charm and create an everlasting keepsake, lovingly preserved in the finest quality 925 Sterling Silver and 9kt Gold. Our MemoryKeeper™ Charm Collection is focused on allowing you to build a beautiful selection of keepsakes that celebrate your life and milestones. Each charm is thought out and some allow for personalisation which makes your charm unique to you. Expertly handcrafted in the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver each jewellery piece is made to order locally in South Africa. Our Collection is set apart by the detail and personal touch that you can add. Each charm is created with the finest care to uphold Silvery’s specialised quality standards. From bangles and necklace options through to bracelets we offer you a base or starting point to showcase your keepsakes.