How to Capture a Fingerprint

Explore our hassle-free methods for capturing your fingerprint, all conveniently achievable from the comfort of your own home.


Using your driver’s licence

Simply flip your driver’s license over to find your fingerprint on the back. Take a close-up image of the fingerprint using your smartphone or camera, checking you have captured a clear, detailed image. Then upload this image when personalising your chosen product


With a black marker

Using a black marker pen, carefully colour the top third of the finger you want to use for the fingerprint. Check the whole area has been thoroughly covered, then gently press the inked finger onto a clean, unlined white piece of paper three times – each print next to the other. Do not reapply ink between impressions. Now you should have a row of three fingerprints.

It is important that the prints on the paper are clear with precise lines, so you might need to practise this a couple of times before you get the best impressions. The example below gives you an idea of what your prints should look like.

Once completed, simply take a clear picture of the three fingerprints and upload it to your chosen product. Our team will then work meticulously with all three impressions to create the finest rendition of your captured fingerprint.