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Every Name ring is meticulously handcrafted utilizing the finest 925 sterling silver.

Each individual ring undergoes an elaborate design process facilitated by state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology, followed by its transformation through advanced 3D printing and casting techniques, resulting in unparalleled precision. It is worth noting that the dimensions of each ring vary in accordance with the length of the name.

The maximum number of characters allowed depends on the ring size. Smaller ring sizes are suitable for shorter names, while larger ring sizes can accommodate longer names. However, if you have a small ring size but a longer name, please feel free to check with us to see if we can accommodate your request.

Please refer to the guide below for the character limits:

Ring Sizes 5 to 7: Maximum 6 Characters

Ring Sizes 8 to 10: Maximum 7 Characters

Ring Sizes 11 to 15: Maximum 9-10 Characters

Dimensions: The dimensions of this ring will vary based on the length of the name and the ring size selected, typically weighing between 8 to 10 grams.
Ring Measurement Instructions

  • Maximum of 8 characters.
    Please note all letters will be crafted in uppercase.
  • Maximum of 10 characters.
  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4

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EST. 2013

Vanessa & Justin Blake

Vanessa & Justin Blake

A Truly Family Managed Business.

Born on the balmy east coast of South Africa in the city of Durban, you will find the Silvery workshop. From simple beginnings, Vanessa and Justin have grown the Silvery family to a close-knit team of 23 skilled individuals who take pride in crafting personalised sterling silver jewellery for both local and international clientele. The jewellers combine their skills in traditional craftsmanship with the latest in technology to create beautiful jewellery pieces that can be personalised to your preference. At the heart of our enterprise, is you the customer and we have never wavered in our determination to provide you with ethically crafted jewellery of the highest standard as well as consistently excellent service.